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The 2009-2011 Fundraising Campaign’s objective was to raise $450,000 and it brought in $504,000! Thank you to all members of the Campaign Committee for making a financial contribution and for soliciting donors.

Members of the 2009-2011 Campaign Committee

Mrs. Marjolaine Verville
Mr. Eric Tailleur
Mr. Richard Ferland
Mr. Claude Marcoux
Mr. Bernard Labelle
Mr. Armand Ferland
Atty. Christian Bolduc
Mr. Gabriel Huot
Mr. Hugo Lacroix
Dr. Pierre Auclair
Mr. Stéphane Tailleur
Mr. Pascal Tailleur
Mrs. Guylaine Beaupré
Atty. Jean Beauchesne
Mrs. Sonia Dubé
Mrs. Kathleen Chartré
Mr. Godefrey Gourdeau
Mr. Alain Maltais
Mr. Paul-Aimé Jalbert
Mr. Pascal Jalbert
Mrs. Marie Tardif
Mrs. Danielle Morin
Mr. Steve Chabot
Mr. Michel Côté